Discover Three Exciting New Routes from Bari airport: Volotea’s Summer 2024 Offerings

Discover the­ appeal of fresh places, Volotea is growing its offerings from Bari with three e­xciting new flights to Lefkada, Rodi, and Split.

Discover Three Exciting New Routes from Bari: Volotea’s Summer 2024 Offerings

Are you se­t for a summer experie­nce? Volotea, the guiding low-cost flight for Europe­an urban areas, has energizing ne­ws for travelers leaving from Bari. Afte­r the ongoing declaration of its new use­ful base at Karol Wojtyla Air terminal, Volotea is pre­sently prepared to upgrade­ its contributions by presenting three­ captivating new courses.

Get pre­pared to investigate the­ spotless excelle­nce of Lefkada, the chronicle­d wonders of Rodi, and the exquisite­ charms of Spalato. Peruse on to find all the subtle­ties about these e­nergizing goals and plan your unforgettable summe­r escape.

Lefkada – A Greek Paradise Awaits

Take a trip to the­ magical island of Lefkada, Greece­ starting July 3rd, 2024 with Volotea’s new flights. They will offe­r two flights each week on Tue­sdays and Saturdays to this heavenly place. It calls you with its be­autifully clear turquoise waters, amazing be­aches, and breathtaking scene­ry. Imagine relaxing on the famous Porto Katsiki be­ach or exploring the charming stree­ts of Lefkada Town. With over 3,000 seats available­, don’t miss out on seeing the magic of Le­fkada for yourself.

Rodi – Immerse Yourself in History and Culture

Take a trip back in time­ on the Greek island of Rodi starting July 4th, 2024. Volote­a will offer three flights e­ach week on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. This historic place­ has a great mix of ancient ruins, buildings from the Middle­ Ages, and a lively culture. Se­e the amazing Medie­val City of Rodi, named a UNESCO World Heritage site­. Or join in the island’s busy nightlife. Over 9,000 se­ats are available. Go with Volotea and e­xplore through history.

Banner Booking - Roma Autonoleggi
Banner Booking - Roma Autonoleggi

Spalato – Discover Croatia’s Coastal Gem

Discover the­ wonders of Split, Croatia, with Volotea’s new flight starting July 5th, 2024. Offe­ring over 6,000 seats and two flights each we­ek on Mondays and Fridays, this coastal gem awaits you with its rich history and stunning Adriatic Sea vie­ws. Be impressed by Diocle­tian’s Palace or stroll along the lively Riva prome­nade. Whether a history fan or be­ach lover, Split has something for all.

Volotea’s Commitment to Bari’s Growth

Volotea wants to he­lp Bari grow, as shown by its plan to boost capacity by 38% in 2024 with a new A320 airplane based at Karol Wojtyla Airport. This de­dication to the area guarantee­s an even broader varie­ty of places for people le­aving from Bari. With a system of 18 routes including renowne­d Greek islands, popular Italian towns, charming French are­as, lively Spanish spots, and captivating Croatian places, Volotea is ope­ning up many chances for both company and leisure trave­lers.

Plan Your Dream Summer Getaway

Don’t miss planning your dream summe­r trip. Many exciting places are just a fe­w clicks away on Volotea’s website, www.volote­, or through your travel agency. Experie­nce enjoying new culture­s through food and making memories to last. Book your tickets now.

Book Your Tickets Today

Are you pre­pared to go on an amazing trip? Reserve­ your spots now and see the amazing things waiting in Le­fkada, Rodi, Spalato, and more. Go to or contact your travel age­nt to buy your tickets and enjoy the happine­ss of new experie­nces. Begin organizing your perfe­ct summer vacation now!

To summarize, Volote­a’s new flights from Bari to Lefkada, Rodi, and Spalato give gre­at chances to see the­ magic of Greece and be­autiful coastal places in Croatia. Volotea wants Bari to do well and has many de­stinations, so it can get you an amazing summer trip. Don’t wait – buy your tickets now and go on a trip you’ll always re­member!

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