Disney Chooses Puglia: Where the New Films Will Be Set

Discover the enchanting region of Puglia as the backdrop for upcoming Disney films. Explore the picturesque towns and hidden gems that inspired these cinematic visions.

Disney Chooses Puglia: Where the New Films Will Be Set

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to step into the world of a Disney film? Picture yourself exploring charming towns, breathtaking landscapes, and captivating adventures. Well, get ready to be enchanted because Disney has chosen Puglia as the setting for their upcoming films. From Monopoli to Bari Vecchia, this picturesque region in Italy will come alive on the silver screen, inviting you to discover the wonders of Puglia.

Puglia my Love: Creating Cinematic Magic

Have you heard of Puglia my Love? This Instagram profile is dedicated to showcasing the beauty of Puglia in all its facets. Recently, they came up with a brilliant idea that caught the attention of Disney enthusiasts worldwide. They created a series of movie posters featuring “pseudo” Pixar Disney films set in various towns across Puglia. The response was overwhelming, with people suggesting even more cities to be included in this imaginary Disney universe.

Monopoli: “Monooli a Mediterranean Tale”

One of the standout suggestions was a film set in Monopoli titled “Monooli a Mediterranean Tale“. Just imagine the charming cobblestone streets, the colorful houses, and the glistening sea. Monopoli’s unique atmosphere and rich cultural heritage would provide the perfect backdrop for a magical Disney adventure.

Polignano a Mare: “The Cliffside Adventure”

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Next on our Disney-inspired tour of Puglia is Polignano a Mare, known for its stunning cliffside views. Envision the excitement and thrill of an adventure taking place in these dramatic landscapes. “Poligono a Mare, the cliffside adventure” would offer a heart-pounding experience, with breathtaking scenes that leave you on the edge of your seat.

Bari Vecchia: “The Hidden Gem”

Bari Vecchia, the historic center of Bari, holds a wealth of treasures waiting to be discovered. This hidden gem would be the perfect setting for a film that captures the essence of this captivating city. With its winding streets, ancient architecture, and vibrant culture, “Bari Vecchia, the hidden gem” would reveal the magic and charm of this significant Puglian landmark.

Expanding the Imaginary Universe

The creativity sparked by Puglia my Love’s initiative knows no bounds. As the idea gained viral popularity, people began suggesting additional locations for Disney films in Puglia. From Galatina to Vieste to Santa Maria di Leuca, the possibilities are endless. Who knows what future proposals may come forth, showcasing even more of Puglia’s mesmerizing beauty.


Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Disney as Puglia becomes the backdrop for these upcoming films. From the picturesque streets of Monopoli to the rugged cliffs of Polignano a Mare and the hidden secrets of Bari Vecchia, each location promises a unique and unforgettable experience. Embrace your imagination and join the excitement as Puglia brings us closer to the magic of Disney. Start planning your own adventure inspired by these films and let the wonders of Puglia captivate your senses.

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