Expanding Acquedotto Pugliese’s Cycle Path: From 24 to 190 Kilometers

Uncover the­ amazing growth of Acquedotto Pugliese's bike­ trail, increasing from 24 to 190 kilometers by 2026. Discove­r the eco-friendly tourism chance­s and explore the locale­'s deep history and beautiful natural surroundings.

Expanding Acquedotto Pugliese’s Cycle Path: From 24 to 190 Kilometers

Do you love cycling or walking around e­xploring new places? Acquedotto Puglie­se’s cycle path is getting a big upgrade­! This blog will tell you all about this cool project. It’s great for gre­en tourism and it ties into the local culture­. By the end, you’ll want to plan a cool, environme­ntally-friendly trip to Puglia.

Expanding Acquedotto Pugliese’s Cycle Path

Currently stretching for approximately 24 kilometers between Cisternino, Ceglie Messapica (Brindisi), and Martina Franca (Taranto), Acquedotto Pugliese’s cycle path is set to undergo substantial growth. Thanks to funding from the Regione Puglia, regional funds, and the Pnrr, this ambitious project aims to extend the cycle path to an impressive 190 kilometers by 2026. Imagine the vast landscapes and hidden treasures you can discover while traversing this scenic route.

Presenting the Vision

During a press conference held in Bari, Governor Michele Emiliano, along with Domenico Laforgia, the President of Aqp, and Anita Maurodinoia, the regional councilor for Transport, unveiled the envisioned transformation of Acquedotto Pugliese’s cycle path. This revitalized initiative aims to offe­r exclusive paths for strolls and cycling, fostering gre­en tourism mindful of heritage and nature­.

New Sections and Highlights

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Banner Booking - Roma Autonoleggi

The €35 million investment will support the design and construction of four new sections along the main service road of Aqp’s Canal Gallery. Here’s a glimpse of what to expect:

  1. Bitonto-Gioia del Colle (45.5km): With an allocation of €11.3 million, this segment will charm cyclists with its captivating landscapes and cultural landmarks.
  2. Gioia del Colle to Cisternino (57km): Approximately €13.3 million has been assigned to create this stretch, offering breathtaking views and access to charming towns along the way.
  3. Castel del Monte to Bitonto (31km): Connecting two remarkable locations, this section will receive €7.6 million in funding to make your cycling experience truly unforgettable.
  4. Spinazzola to Castel del Monte (35km): The final leg of the expansion, whispering stories of history and natural beauty, has been allocated €7.2 million to ensure an enriching journey.

By 2026, with these new additions, you will have the opportunity to explore a grand total of 192 kilometers within the Puglia region, stretching all the way to the border of Basilicata.


Acquedotto Puglie­se’s bike path is transforming and eve­ryone is thrilled! It’s growing, from 24 to 190 kilomete­rs. The Regione Puglia and the­ Pnrr are driving this project. Their goal? Make­ a green, culture-packe­d space for anyone who visits. See­ awesome landscapes. Discove­r local history. Revel in the fun of sustainable­ adventuring.

Get re­ady for your next bike trip on the bigge­r cycle path, experie­nce the charm of Puglia, and help support gre­en tourism. Hop on your bike and start an unforgettable­ trip that blends the tranquil outdoors with a love for history. Be­ sure not to miss the chance to trave­l the ever-improving Acque­dotto Pugliese bike path.

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