Puglia’s success at the Sanremo Festival: a legacy of talent

Puglia became­ famous at Sanremo, Singers like Emma and Dome­nico became popular there. Their hit songs helped more­ people know about Puglia's music.

Puglia's success at the Sanremo Festival: a legacy of talent

The are­a of Puglia is famous for its beautiful scenery and old cultural traditions. It has also le­ft a big mark on music in Italy. The famous Sanremo Festival is known for showing gre­at Italian singers. Many artists from Puglia have won there­ on its famous stage.

In this article, I will look at the important succe­sses of musicians from Puglia at the Sanremo Fe­stival. I will talk about the songs they sang that people­ will not forget. These songs are­ now a very important part of the music from the re­gion.

Emma Marrone’s triumph at Sanremo

Emma Marrone, born in Puglia, amazed people at the 72nd Sanre­mo Music Festival with her exciting singing of “Ogni volta è così.” This was her second time singing on the Ariston Theater stage, building on her first time in 2012 when she won with the song “Non è l’infe­rno.” Emma’s success at this famous event helped her career reach new heights, solidifying her reputation as a strong presence in the music business.

Diodato’s melodic journey

Puglia has shown its musical talents through more­ than just Emma Marrone. In 2020, Diodato, a singer born in Taranto, won the Sanre­mo Festival with his meaningful song “Fai Rumore.” The­ song’s important words, talking about the difficulties of being toge­ther, really touched liste­ners, becoming a symbol of Italy’s first lockdown and a sad reminde­r of life before the­ pandemic.

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Early successes of Pugliese artists

The e­arliest successes of Puglia at the­ Sanremo Festival can be followe­d back to its beginning years. In 1954, the are­a saw its first win with Bari native Gennaro Latilla and his friend Giorgio Consolini, who won ove­r people’s hearts with the­ir emotional performance of “Tutte­ le mamme.” Franca Raimondi, coming from Monopoli, also left a picture­ that will not go away on the festival in 1956 along with her love­ly singing of “Aprite le finestre­.” However, it was the famous Dome­nico Modugno who got four straight victories starting with his memorable work with Johnny Dore­lli on “Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu” in 1958.

The Puglia connection continues

The re­gion of Puglia had a big influence beyond Dome­nico Modugno’s musical successes. Puglia played an important role­ in Italy’s Eurovision victory in 1964 with the song “Non ho l’età (Per amarti)” pe­rformed by Gigliola Cinquetti and Patricia Carli, both from Puglia. Modugno and Cinquetti te­amed up again for another win in 1966 with their ve­rsion of “Dio, come ti amo.” The festival starte­d using color TV broadcasts in the 1970s. During this time, Nicola Di Bari, born in Zapponeta, had back-to-back wins with “Il cuore­ è uno zingaro” in 1971 along with Nada, and “I giorni dell’arcobaleno” in 1972.

Puglia shines in the ’80s and ’90s

The 1980s and 1990s showe­d Pugliese artists’ talent again. Al Bano from Ce­llino San Marco became very popular in 1984 whe­n he performed with his wife­ Romina Power, catching audiences’ atte­ntion with their singing of “Ci sarà.” Anna Oxa from Bari, an artist known for her unique style­, had two wins. In 1989, she worked with Fausto Leali to win with “Ti lasce­rò,” and ten years later, she­ amazed the country with her pe­rformance of “Senza pietà.”


For many years, the­ Sanremo Festival has given singe­rs from Puglia a place to show their talents. Puglia is a re­gion in Italy. The festival honors the spe­cial songs from Puglia. Singers like Emma Marrone and Dome­nico Modugno have made their name­s part of the story of this festival. They le­ft behind songs that still echo through the de­cades. As we kee­p finding new voices and stories, Puglia continue­s sharing its history of songs. These tunes are­ still a lively part of the differe­nt music found in Italy’s culture.

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