Summer Concerts: From Sanremo to Puglia, Here’s the Lineup You Don’t Want to Miss

Get ready to groove and enjoy an amazing lineup of concerts this summer in Puglia. Discover the artists who have thrilled audiences at the Sanremo Festival and are now hitting the road. From Emma to Geolier, here’s the complete list of concerts and dates you should mark in your calendar.

Summer Concerts: From Sanremo to Puglia, Here's the Lineup You Don't Want to Miss

Ready for some live music under the stars this summer? After Sanremo Festival, our favorite artists are off to perform in beautiful Puglia. Exciting, huh? You will have amazing moments swaying with their rhythm and melodies. Artists like legendary Angelina Mango and new star Geolier are in the concert series. Summer concerts in Puglia are going to be vibrant and delightful.

Angelina Mango in Puglia

Here’s why you should watch Angelina Mango. After wowing the crowd at Sanremo Festival, it’s Puglia’s turn. Expect an emotional ride with her heart-touching voice and heartfelt performances. Don’t miss Angelina Mango in Puglia. The singer of “La noia” will hit the stage at Eremo club in Molfetta on Oct. 16, 2024.

Emma’s Electrifying Performance in Bari

Remember to note this: Emma’s thrilling show in Bari. She announced her concert in Puglia right after the Sanremo Festival. She’s got powerhouse vocals and energetic moves. Join her on Sunday, 17th November in Bari for a night of pure music rush. Purchase your tickets and prepare to be wowed by Emma’s unique gift.

Geolier’s Gallipoli Extravaganza

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Banner Booking - Roma Autonoleggi

Do you enjoy rap with a melodic twist? Geolier offers just that. This rising star has been recognized for his distinct style and engaging lyrics. See him perform at the Oversound music festival at Gondar Park in Gallipoli on Aug. 12, 2024. His energetic performance will get you on your feet, dancing the night away. Don’t miss out on this major event, experience Geolier’s powerful stage presence firsthand.

The Complete Concert Lineup

Now that you’ve gotten a taste of the exciting concerts happening in Puglia, let’s dive into the complete lineup. From established artists to emerging talents, Puglia is hosting a diverse range of performances to cater to all music lovers. The Negramaro is coming back! Their next stop? San Nicola Stadium in Bari on July 6, 2024. Diodato, the well-known songwriter from Taranto, has a theater tour lined up. On Oct. 1, 2024, he’ll be performing at the Petruzzelli Theater in Bari. Maninni, a fellow artist from Bari, is starting his journey in Puglia. He’ll be live at the Eremo club in Molfetta on March 13, 2024. Unfortunately, tickets are no longer available for the Apulian show of the Roman singer-songwriter Gazzelle. He will be performing his “Dentro x Sempre” tour at Bari’s Palaflorio on March 17, 2024.

Clara, the musical artist and accomplished actress, is set to perform at the Demodé club in Modugno for her “Primo” tour on March 22, following her successful stint in Sanremo and in the TV series Mare Fuori. Third runner-up in Sanremo, Annalisa returns to Puglia with two dates: at Palaflorio on April 12, 2024, and on August 6, 2024, at Parco Gondar in Gallipoli. Loredana Bertè’s “Manifesto tour” will take a break in Barrese. On April 18, she’ll perform live at Teatro Team in Bari. Irama will be back in Salento on July 31, 2024, playing at Parco Gondar as part of the Oversound music festival. The enigmatic artist Alfa has a concert at Palaflorio in Bari for his Puglia stopover. It is set on April 19, 2024 for his intriguingly titled tour, “Non so chi ha creato il mondo ma so che era innamorato tour.”

Fiorella Mannoia will tour with her orchestra, “Sinfonica,” stopping at Foro Boario in Ostuni on July 24, 2024, and San Domenico quay in Molfetta on the 25th. The Sad, a renowned pop punk group, with a member Plant from Altamura, will appear in Gallipoli’s Parco Gondar on July 30, 2024. Mahmood will also visit Gallipoli. You can catch him “Tuta gold” at Parco Gondar on August 18, 2024. On Aug. 24, 2024, the esteemed trio of tenors Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto, and Gianluca Ginoble are scheduled to perform a concert at Cala Batteria in Monopoli, located in Bari’s province.


Prepare to dive into an ocean of music this summer in Puglia. With entrancing renditions from Angelina Mango, lively gigs by Emma, and Geolier’s exclusive performances, there’s going to be something exciting for everyone. Don’t let this golden opportunity slide by and enjoy the thrill of live concerts set in Puglia’s picturesque venues. Book your tickets ASAP and let the tunes whisk you away. Puglia’s music galore caters to all – from soul-touching melodies and pop rhythms to stirring rap. Get set to form cherished memories overflowing with music, emotion, and pleasure.

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