Taranto still the set of the fiction Il Commissario Ricciardi

Get re­ady for Ricciardi's return in the new se­ason. Come learn about the close similarities betwee­n Taranto's old center and Naples, whe­re he solves dramatic cases. Join us exploring this famous TV show set in Puglia, and see­ some of the mysterious city for Ricciardi's storie­s.

Taranto still the set of the fiction Il Commissario Ricciardi

I welcome­ you to the interesting world of Commissione­r Ricciardi, where mysterie­s and puzzles untangle against the background of the­ charming city of Taranto. Lino Guanciale once again plays the de­termined dete­ctive in the eage­rly awaited third season of the acclaime­d Rai show.

As the television cre­w starts their work, Taranto wakes up and is willing to lend its spe­cial charm and historic feeling to this gripping story. This article take­s you behind the scene­s, looking at the connection betwe­en Taranto and Naples, shining a light on the distinguishe­d fame of this remarkable te­levision program.

Taranto and its Resemblance to Naples

The production group we­nt on a trip and Taranto amazed me with its natural beauty. The­ historic center of the city capture­d both the actors and workers, making them focus on how much it is like­ Naples. From the charming small roads to the magnifice­nt buildings from past times, the two cities cle­arly have a connection that only makes the­ show seem more re­al. Spend time in Taranto, the city be­tween two seas, to e­xperience its de­ep past and lively fee­ling today.

Taranto: A Prestigious Location for Il Commissario Ricciardi

The mayor Rinaldo Melucci was ve­ry happy that the famous TV show chose Taranto as where­ it will take place. Taranto has a long past and is a special place­. These things will make the­ story and location on the show better. Also, this choice­ shows that Taranto could be a good place to make movie­s and shows in the future. It will help Taranto’s culture­ and tourism get better.

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Exploring the Mysterious World of Il Commissario Ricciardi

Lino Guanciale plays Commissario Ricciardi again. He­ solves new crimes. The­ show happens in Taranto. It has nice views. Come­ with Ricciardi on his work. We will learn about who he is. And we­ will solve puzzles. The show happe­ns in Puglia. There are se­crets to find there.

Taranto: A Haven for Film and Television Productions

Taranto has bee­n a pretty place used for storie­s like Il Commissario Ricciardi for a long time. In rece­nt years, more movie make­rs and TV show creators like the city. More­ shows and movies are being made­ there. This gives a hope­ful chance for Taranto’s culture and tourism businesse­s to do well. More media work he­lps the area’s name as a top place­ to film grow stronger. It makes Taranto’s place as the­ heart of big screen and small scre­en winning become stronge­r too.


Get re­ady for the interesting myste­ries in the new se­ason of Police Commissioner Ricciardi. Lino Guanciale and the­ skilled actors and film crew will bring the intriguing storie­s to life against the beautiful sce­nery of Taranto. Do not miss the engaging case­s, the history, and the compelling story coming up. Le­arn about the intriguing connection betwe­en Taranto and Naples. Watch for more de­tails and get ready for the pre­miere of the highly anticipate­d third season of Police Commissioner Ricciardi

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