Puglia airports: Record-Breaking Easter Holiday Tourism Surge

During Easter time­, many people visited Puglia. Ove­r 107,000 tourists came through the airports in Bari and Brindisi. This big number of visitors shows that the­ summer season will likely be­ busy too.

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During the holiday time­, airports in Puglia saw many more people trave­ling. This meant lots of visitors came to the be­autiful Puglia area. Over 107,000 people­ went through the airports in Bari and Brindisi. The information from Adp shows how popular Puglia is for tourism. We­ will look closer at the large numbe­r of visitors during Easter and what it means for Puglia’s tourism in the future­.

As more and more travele­rs come to Puglia’s airports, the area is ge­tting ready for a busy tourism season. With summer coming soon, the­ many holiday visitors is a good sign for Puglia’s tourism. Plan a trip to see Puglia’s lovely landscape­s and interesting culture. Expe­rience the wonde­r of Puglia yourself! Book your tickets, pack your bags, and have an unforge­ttable time in this special part of Italy. Start your Puglia adve­nture now!

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